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Thread: i want my Foxtel!

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    Default i want my Foxtel!

    after a couple of years of not having it, i am getting Foxtel re-installed on saturday, im beginning to miss all the music channels,documentary channels and sports channels.

    currently we have about 15 free to air channels, but theyre filled with reality shows, dumb american cop shows, in other words, little to stimulate the mind

    roll on saturday!

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    yea but you already get Wagon Train
    what more stimulus could you need
    Ward Bond is awesome!
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Music Head View Post
    yea but you already get Wagon Train
    what more stimulus could you need
    Ward Bond is awesome!
    yes he is, shame he passed away and wasnt in the final three series of Wagon Train.

    got a bit of stupid trivia on Ward Bond (dont know how true it is though??)

    apparently Johnny Horton was on his way to see Ward about singing the theme song on series four of Wagon Train when he died in his car crash, Ward Bond was apparently unaware of this at the time, and by coincidence he actually died of a massive heart attack later the same day...hard to know if its true or not, but it makes a good story

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    The Fox connection would suggest that this is part of Murdoch's empire ?!

    Not my favourite individual...
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    hi there you think you will loose your all channels like Music and Sports stations,i know a site where you can Watch Sky sports Online which is best sport station.

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