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Thread: A musical oddity.

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    Default A musical oddity.

    So I was skimming through old files on my home PC the other day--Doin' some security updates, cleanup and the like--and while digging through old files from friends, I came across an ancient MP3.

    .. I have no idea who the heck this is. There's no ID3 tag to it. There's nothing in the filename to really say who it is. And, if I remember correctly, it was sent to me to try and find out who it was that made the song. Apparently, I forgot about it in the shuffle of home life and work.

    So I figured I'd ask at a music forum, and see if anyone can help out.

    I can safely say in terms of sound, it's reminiscent of old Metallica--.. And Justice For All era, I'd guess. The vocalist even sounds like Hetfield, at least to me. My problem, however, is that a friend of mine who is a diehard Metallica fan says it's not them.. So.. Yeah, kinda at a loss on that front.

    The lyrics are rather short, as well. The closest I can make them out with any degree of accuracy is as follows:


    Death, destruction, in the eyes of the devil you can see corruption.
    Why must it be the (one my soul?) coming from me?
    You love, I hate--I can't be the one to demonstrate
    The way you feel, (show the one that makes nothing real?)

    (Stoning?) my view
    Nothing to do.

    The power to be
    (To over?) me


    That would be first verse and rough idea of the chorus.

    Any ideas? Care to help a guy out? I'd like to be able to provide a safe bet of an answer to a friend, if I can remember who sent this my way. And, frankly, I'm bloody curious. This bugs me.

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    I found it in about five minutes by Googling the lyrics.

    I'm perplexed that you haven't managed that ?!
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    .. To be honest, I absolutely blanked on that way of finding a song. Crap. Now I feel just plain silly. Thank you!

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