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Thread: A Guide To How The MD Classic Album Recommendations

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    Default A Guide To How The MD Classic Album Recommendations

    Thread and Ideas Under Construction

    One thing that has always been central to MD has been the idea of finding good recommendations to listen too.

    One of the main aims of this thread is to build up a library of classic album recommendations that have been endorsed by the members of MD.

    I believe that our members are a tremendous source of information about all areas of music both old and new and that one of our greatest resources is our massive data banks of listening experiences and our willingness to share this with others.

    So to this end I would like to suggest that this is another resource to allow us to do this and to sketch out some guidelines under which we could operate this:

    • The MD C.A.R. as it suggest is library of classic recommendations therefore it would be wise to think along that line when nominating albums for it ............Thus I think that it would be rare to see very young albums getting a nomination except in exceptional circumstances.

    • The album to be nominated needs to appear in the Nomination section of he forum.

    • A Thread should be started in the nominations section for the album which should include its title and the artist who made it.

    • Additional information could be included such as track listings...............Youtude clips to illustrate the music on each track..................the cover artwork.........its year of release....................maybe some background on the artist.

    • The next Part is IMPORTANT ...............You need to explain in around 100 words or so why you think this album should enter the MD Classic Album Recommendation.

    The thread can then become active .

    Members can then add to the thread their recommendation .................A simple phrase of support would be enough or if the vote is negative then an appropriate phrase should do it.

    The thread then remains active and voting or recommending takes place.

    When the thread crosses the first threshold it is transferred into the appropriate sub forum and is prefaced with its recommendation lever ( See separate thread for the levels )
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