So one of my favorite bands on the face of the planet is Saliva. It shocks me that this type of music is still so unheard…and that it came from Tennessee. Their shows are…so freaking amazing and I wish that real life allowed me to just follow the tours around to be a part of every live experience. Their music really…it just speaks to me. I think everyone has a band like that. They just put out this new single, and it’s my determined goal right now to make sure that as many people who love music as much as I do get to hear it and gain them some support. They’ve been at this for more than ten years, and I want to see it all explode for them. A lot of people probably know their son, “Ladies and Gentlemen” from a few years back when it was used for television ads. Oh, their epicness really transcends that song.

If you haven’t heard of them before, here’s a link to their new stuff. Nothing illegal, just a way to get in touch!