JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN "the deep field" 2011

i was told by a work colleague this morning that i should borrow his ipod for the weekend and listen to this 'brilliant' new album......brilliant my rear end!!!

the tracks sound too one dimensional, as does the vocals, there is no variation in either.
the songs all go on for between four and eight minutes,which isnt a problem when there is subtle changes in rythem or something else to break it up, but this is monotonous to the extreme and left my tapping the 'next' button on the ipod to almost every track at about the 3:30 mark.
there is also far too many bass tones and the vocals are somewhat lost in the mix.

this is one album i do not wish to hear again,let alone purchase.


1. nervous (1.5*)
2. the magic (1.5*) video
3. the action man (1.8*)
4. flash (1.5*)
5. run for love (1.6*) audio
6. human condition (1.5*)
7. kiss the specifics (1.5*)
8. chemmie (1.6*)
9. forever and a year (1.5*) audio
10.i was everyone (1.6*)

rating 1.56

these are the only three 'album versions' i can find with links, there are some lovely acoustic versions available but they do not represent the albums sound....the album would have been a passable acoustic one.