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    Default new release: Adele "21"

    ADELE "21"

    to be honest i'd never heard of Adele until Music Head mentioned her to me a couple of months ago, well, i knew that 'chasing pavements' song but didnt know who sung it. i brought the album(titled '19') on his advice and astute judgement of music, and loved it, and was eager to hear this, her new one, when i saw it was being released.

    this, is her second released long player,this time she is 21 as the title suggests. this one ws co-produced by Rick Rubin and Paul Epworth (who produced Florence and the machine's "lungs" album).

    i have only listened to snippets of the tracks on itunes and they sound to be a cross between the first album and Florence's album. lyrically, it is still dealing with personal issues and experiences from Adele's short life,thus so far, just like her debut, however, musically it has a harder sound than "19", with a but more 'oomph' via drums and bass, much like Florence's "lungs" set.

    what ive heard of it sounds reasonably good, Adele's vocals are impecable and emotive, just like the debut set some 18months ago.

    this one is more pop orientated than the 'soul' feel of her debut

    i like it and expect it to grow on me much like the previous album has, i doubt if either "19" and "21" have what it takes to become 'classic' albums, but they are both very good IMHO.

    from the album:

    rolling in the deep live


    1. rolling in the deep
    2. rumour has it
    3. turning tables
    4. do you remember
    5. set fire to rain
    6. he wont go
    7. take it all
    8. i'll be waiting
    9. one and only song
    11.someone like you

    there are several versions of this album available,a deluxe set, and another with bonus track and interview.

    rating(from what ive heard) 1.9ish
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    rolling in the deep is a good one!

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    I want to get this album. I have heard nothing but good things about it.

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    I heard like two singles from that album, and I must admit, she is great. I think I'm going to buy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emss View Post
    I heard like two singles from that album, and I must admit, she is great. I think I'm going to buy it.
    while you're at it buy "19" also, both are equally good.

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    Thanks for recommendation, that is good idea.

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    check out:

    Rumer "seasons of the soul"

    Lauren Pritchard "wasted in jackson" also....both well worth a listen

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