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Thread: Oriental cinematic music

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    Default Oriental cinematic music

    This is my first post on this forum and my eng is not so perfect, so bear with me :)
    I watched Donnie Yen's movie Flashpoint, and its the movie that sets my taste for martial arts movies.
    I'm making fight choreographies my self, and I often put good soundtracks to my movies, but the music that I need is like in [LINK REMOVED! clips background (same movie I'm talking about, Flashpoint).
    Best example is between 3:22 and 3:32
    Music is totally original and even if it doesn't have same rhythm, or does it, it could fit any fight choreography, and it gives it an originality.
    What I'm asking here is, can I find this sort of music for free online, if possible this soundtrack will do cause I could mix it to fit my choreographies.
    I guess its some kind of oriental Drum n Bass music, with bit of cinematic touch :)
    Thanks for help :)
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    I haven't hear much about this one.

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    yes same here dear!!

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    What that....

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