Most of this sophomore effort from Scotland band was pretty good.
Really liked A Darkness Rises Up and The Cracks In The Wall.
Tops my list for the month.

Grade - 1.9

released Jan 11th, 2011

from the album - A Darkness Rises Up - grade 2.5

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Formed in 2006 around the talents of Arne Kolb, Ian Turnbull, David Fothergill, Jamie Sutherland, Rory Sutherland, Dave Smith, and Andrew Keeney, the emotionally charged Edinburgh, Scotland-based indie rock outfit Broken Records have drawn comparisons to everyone from the Arcade Fire to Jeff Buckley. Employing a musical arsenal that includes guitars, bass, violin, cello, accordion, mandolin, piano, trumpet, glockenspiel, and drums, the soaring septet released its self-titled debut EP in 2007 to the delight of critics and fans worldwide. A series of singles followed, as well as notable shows with the Futureheads, Editors, Sons and Daughters, and the Twilight Sad, culminating in studio sessions for the band's first full-length album, Until the Earth Begins to Part, in 2009. The group's stadium-sized sophomore outing, Let Me Come Home, arrived in October of the following year.

Album Review

Let Me Come Home, the sophomore effort from Edinburgh, Scotlandís Broken Records, dials down the stadium-sized production that nearly swept away 2009ís promising Until the Earth Begins to Part and replaces it with a rawer, nervier feel that both helps and hinders the groupís painfully earnest blend of Springsteen-meets-Arcade Fire indie rock. Stripped of its nosebleed-section bleat, the band storms out of the gates with ďA Leaving Song,Ē a spirited romp that will likely draw comparisons to fellow countrymen Frightened Rabbit. The songís build feels organic, and it dutifully sets the tone for what follows, even if what follows is fairly forgettable, despite the fact that the band obviously really, really wants to connect. Folk and country-tinged midtempo cuts like "Dia Dos Namarados!," "The Motorcycle Boy Reigns," and "I Used to Dream" are pretty enough, but outside of ďA Leaving SongĒ and the delightful, road trip-ready ďA Darkness Rises Up,Ē Let Me Come Home never really develops into the lump in the throat it wants to be, though it certainly isnít for lack of trying.

Track Listing

1 A Leaving Song Broken Records 3:56
2 Modern Worksong Broken Records 3:05
3 Dia Dos Namarados! Broken Records 3:32
4 The Motorcycle Boy Reigns Broken Records 4:42
5 A Darkness Rises Up Broken Records 3:30
6 Ailene Broken Records 3:54
7 I Used to Dream Broken Records 2:47
8 You Know You're Not Dead Broken Records 3:59
9 The Cracks in the Wall Broken Records 3:52
10 Home Broken Records 4:10