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Thread: Voices of Mick Jones and Joe Strummer from The Clash

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    Default Voices of Mick Jones and Joe Strummer from The Clash

    At the moment, having now bought all of their albums, I currently have a willingness to keep listening to The Clash - particularly enjoying their later, more experimental stuff. However, I'm sure that both the late great Joe Strummer and Mick Jones sang for The Clash, so was wondering if anybody can enlighten me on which famous songs Strummer and Jones have sang on, so that I can distinguish their voices.

    Cheers and happy listening. Also, just listening to Helicopter Girl, an amazingly, under-rated talent.

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    To pick a few familiar songs:

    Mick Jones sings lead on Should I Stay or Should I go ? & Somebody Got Murdered

    Joe Strummer sings on London Calling, & Rock The Casbah

    Also, Paul Simonon sings on Guns of Brixton.
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    Joe Strummer sang all vocals on 'cut the crap' album as Mick Jones had quit by then

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