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    Post Albums/EPs/Compilations that you have, that happen to be very hard to get. People can then express how much they wish they had the aforementioned music. I have a 3 disk collection of rarities by The Chills called Secret Box, it is very fantastic. What rare stuff do you have.

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    not much really, but i do have...

    King Truman "like a gun" 12" single, deleted before it was released,only a few copies were unaccounted for by Acidjazz records. it was a moonlighting one from The Style Council.

    Beatles "magical mystery tour" double ep, 7" first record has labels on incorrect side,not sure if it is 'rare' but it is unusual

    Paul McCartney "choba b cccp", the russian album, initial pressing only had 11 tracks instead of 13/14 of subsequent pressings

    have a few limited edition boxsets and picture discs also along woth some signed records....value unknown, but its not the value that i care about, i bought them because i either liked them or needed to complete a collection.

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    I have quite a few rare records / Cds too many to mention

    However I have a white label; hand written copy of "Day Tripper" by the Beatles ( This is an test pressing !)

    A Promotion copy of "Let It Be" on Parlophone not Apple for use in Africa ( One of only 60 and the only one in perfect condition with its original sleeve).

    A Parlophone copy of " Biker Like An Icon : By Paul McCartney ( This was never officially issued in the UK as CDs had taken over but there were a few copies pressed)

    A full UK let it be boxed set

    I have a signed and authenticated first ever copy of "When All is said and Done" by Magna Carta given by the band to me as a present.

    I have a long list but there has never been that much interest on MD
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