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    is anyone else looking foreward to seeing this movie starring Christina Aguilera and Cher?

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    probably friends and family of Christine Aguilera and Cher
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    yes man i am looking forward to watch this movie,i have hear about this movie and i think it gonna rock.

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    Thumbs up Awesome!!!

    WOW! I have watched it and It superb musical movie. Steven Antin has directed very brilliantly and breath taking performance by Christina Aguilera and Eric Dane.

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    I have seen this flick and it is amazing musical flick....

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    I have read the reviews of this movie which are good. Now, I will watch Blood Brothers which is an action movie.
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    Burlesque movie is good to watch. Although I haven't seen the movie Blood brother yet but the reviews of this movie is nice., There are many new movie coming out this month. Some the movies are just so good. As the movie depicted from the plot.

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    The beginning was a bit too similar to Coyote Ugly, but it was definitely a good movie.

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