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Thread: Yes I'm New It's True :)

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    Talking Yes I'm New It's True :)

    I'm actually really liking this site and thanks for the people who made it :) it's really cool to meet new people and talk about music that we love. I really just wanted to communicate with people that has the same obsession with all types of music as i have :P but hope everyone excepts me and i look forward to discussing music with everybody. Have A WONDERFUL DAY EVERYONE!!! :)

    Thanks From,
    Jared Kidd
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    welcome to the forum Jarad,

    hope to see you around the threads, and please, no more links until you've posted 10 posts

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    Hi Jared & welcome to the site.
    "Blogging like Jesus, tweet like a Pope
    Site traffic heavy, I'm YouTubing hope" - Wire- 'Blogging' 2015

    "But me and you were not to blame
    Love always returns from where it came
    Back to black and in the end,
    It's all the same."- Terry Allen 'Back to Black' 1996

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    Sorry Didn't know :( but okay i won't put anymore

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    Hello Jared, and welcome to MD.

    Hope you enjoy the site.
    "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture"


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    Default A Warm Welcome To MD

    Welcome to MD
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

    It's a mixed up sensation this being alive
    Oh! it wears a man down into the ground
    It's the strangest elation
    I can't describe it
    Oh it leaves a man weary
    It makes a man frown.
    .............................Chris Simpson ( "Mixed Up Sensations" 1975 Martin's Cafe )

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    Welcome Jared
    We do indeed all love music.
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
    Will Rogers

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    Hey Jared!
    Yeah, music rocks... people searching for good new music rock even more. :-)

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