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Thread: Song Writing Ideas

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    Default Song Writing Ideas

    If anyone has thought of ideas that could make new songs, these could be posted here.

    I for one, would certainly be interested to try and turn some of these ideas into life.

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    I do not know, i have a song but i do not suppose you would like it, that is why i stop with poatry

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    song ideas are easyish, just look in your own life for what you have felt passionate about and jot down what comes to mind.

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    Your best friend just died. Fell off a cliff. You see his face in your own literally. Hes in your head, helps you make decisions that make your life really great. Then leaves you and your heart stops you die.

    Haha, I know that sounds really stupid but it could be good.
    ill carry you down
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    You can take the subject matter of books you have read and movies you have watched and turn them into songs.
    You could also write about stories in the news.

    Inspiration is always all around us. You might just be, as I have at times been, looking to hard for it. Hope that helps

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    Just look around you and start writing about what you see and hear. Look at the situations in your life as well as the lives of others. I find that I write best between midnight and 3 or 4 in the morning. As Jubal said protect all of your work so that someone doesn't steal your material. Don't believe everything the publishers or anyone else tells you about publishing, copyrights, royalties etc until you check it out yourself. It's sad but there are thieves out there who will mislead you and take full advantage of you so do your homework and know what is what before you make a mistake that can't be corrected later.
    Here's some videos about songwriting courses for beginners.

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    A song about reading a book or watching your fave movie & how one relates to it & becomes emotional..

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    1. Base your songs on experiences you have personally gone through. They will be more relatable, and what has more meaning than issues that every person has to overcome each and every day?
    2. Learn how to use metaphors correctly, and expand your vocabulary as much as possible... and remember, LINES DO NOT HAVE TO RHYME! there are such things called "soft rhymes" as well. just make sure your melody has rhythm, and you'll be absolutely fine
    3. Just start by putting words on paper. Even if they don't rhyme and have no meter or rhythm. Just get them out. Then start to work them into a melody. As you rework the words into a poem-like structure, it's easier to find the melody. Others create a melody and just add words to it as they go along.
    4. some videos about songwriting:

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    Get your own ideas! In all seriousness, though, your own life experiences are the only thing you should write about. Do you really want to sing about other people's thoughts on life?

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    Pick up any newspaper - there are hundreds of ideas just waiting.

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