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Thread: Woolly Wolstenholme Dies

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    Default Woolly Wolstenholme Dies

    This happened a few weeks back but I've only just found out about it. I was so deeply saddened to read about it that I felt compelled to post it here.

    Wooly Wolstenholme, former keyboardist/vocalist and original member of English progressive rock band 'Barclay James Harvest' sadly commited suicide on 13th December 2010.

    From his official website:
    "It is with profound sorrow that we have to announce the passing of Woolly Wolstenholme. In recent weeks Woolly's mental health had taken a turn for the worse and sadly he took his own life on Monday 13th December 2010. In this difficult time our thoughts are with Woolly's partner, Sue. We would ask all of Woolly's fans to remember his incredible contribution to popular music and his unique presence on stage."
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    Oh no - all the greats are going - he was a huge influence on BJH's music. 2 favourite albums - Eye's of the Universe & Gone to Earth.

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