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    Yes the dreaded new guy!! Ugh right? Well ive visited a few forums and hope to find a home here. Im a fan of all types of music, but my passion is for the blues. I am a Hendrix nut!! The Wind Cries Mary is my fav song of his. Although there are none I dislike. I also love some SRV and other artists in that genre. Just out to make some new friends. Swap some ideas, and debate some theory's and what not. Hope to get to know yall soon. Oh a lil background on me is...I started playing guitar at 8. Went on to start writing my own stuff. I also do my own vocals. Enough about me though. Lets get this party started huh

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    hey, welcome to the forum hendrixjunkie

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    We welcome new guys here.
    The party is on.
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    Hello Jimiman, and welcome to MD.

    I don't see Hendrix mentioned on here a great deal, which is a bit of a surprise. Perhaps you can do something about that...

    Hope you enjoy the site.
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    Not really a Hendrix fan but Sting's cover of his 'Little Wing' is fantastic. (from 'Nothing Like the Sun - I think). Had it on vinyl many moons ago. Need to get it again.

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    I don't tend to listen to Hendrix a lot but he is a great guitarist. One of my all time favourite guitarists Robin Trower, is believed to be heavily influenced by him although he insists that he was more influenced by Hendrix's enthusiasm for the music rather than his playing.

    Welcome & see you around the forum
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