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Thread: Penny Playing "Over the Rainbow"

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    Default Penny Playing "Over the Rainbow"

    Me playing my flute to this jazz version of the song.
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    very nice Penny, i tip my hat to you.

    is this something you do as a hobby or is it your proffession?

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    Right Penny here we go. Your playing is fine - very good actually. But I don't like the sampled instruments. Add a touch of reverb/ambience to the background instruments and pan them left and right in the stereo spectrum and the whole thing will sound more 'open'. I don't want to be critical - it's just advice- which can be ignored if you feel it's not relevant. Also if you adjust the stereo 'width' of background instruments - not just panning them left of right in the stereo picture but actually stretching them across the stereo spectrum if gives the music a new depth (more noticeable on speakers than headphones), and this tends to increase the soundstage and also allows space in the mix for a solo instrument (i.e. your flute) to be more prominent in the middle. Only recently discovered how to do this and it makes a hell of a difference to the overall mix. So the general rule of thumb - if there is such a thing - is that solo 'upfront' instruments are left in the centre (most of the time anyway), and background sounds (keyboards, strings etc) are manipulated by adjusting the stereo width as well as being moved (or not as the case may be) by panning them. I have been struggling to get this right for a long time and only recently figured it out by dabbling and experimenting. It gives the music a more cinematic feel. Something the manuals don't really explain very well. They never do. If you want you can send me one of your pieces - let's say something with three or four instruments in wave (or even mp3 - high bitrate) format and I will show you what I mean. And I think you already have the means to do this in your Sonar package anyway (which version are you using?), so you will not be incurring any additional costs.
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