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Thread: Paul Weller 'beginners guide'

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    Default Paul Weller 'beginners guide'

    ive finished the 'epic' PW guide....finally, i think i went a bit over the top though. six pages encompasing every official release since 1977 to the present!
    i guess if one person on here appreciates PW a bit more now that ive taken several weeks to do it,then ive done my job!

    time for a break, once Mr.Soul finishes what he is doing we are going to tackle Neil Young together,looking foreward to working with him on it once we work out who is doing what, when, where and how!

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    I think you have done a good job................well done.

    Try the Apple one I have put on !
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    youve done well with that one, i picked up a few bits of trivia for the old memory bank,especially the Hot Chocolate connection which i was totally unaware of.

    did my PM re: ian 'molly' meldrum/white album/apple connection get through to you ok?...hopefully you learned something about him for your memory bank LOL

    i know nothing about Apple...i'll leave that to you..the Beatles expert here,the only Beatle i know anything about with confidence is Paul as the solo artist,anything else and i'd make mistakes and no doubt give false information.
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    you guys are both awesome
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    Didn't know much about this bloke before. Pleasant, not particularly distinctive voice; I'm guessing he's better known for song-writing, production, impetus for group's formation--that sort of thing? How many toes did I step on? But really, hear "Wishing on a Star" in a department store and you couldn't tell who it is, but for the context.

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