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    Apologies if this thread is not appropriate to this section... I am still looking around the site...

    Anyway, as with a lot of new music discoveries I am playing them to death like it's a drug!! So I wanted to share what I have been listening to hoping to spread the sound to others! Firstly I cannot get enough of an American acoustic folk singer called Elvis Perkins and his album Ash Wednesday. He is the son of the late Anthony Perkins (a la Hitchcock's Psycho) and he wrote this album as a tribute to his mother who aboard one of the planes that hit the twin towers on 9/11. A truly moving album especially the title track of the same name as the album.

    Other artists of the same genre is Brett Dennen. His voice is incredible as well as his lyrics. Albums to start with are his Hope for The Hopeless and his So Much More. Next is a fantastic album from a band called Blind Pilot called 3 Rounds and a Sound. Beautiful and melancholy. Grant Lee Buffalo's albums especially Copperopolis are awesome too.
    Another guy's album I have listened to a lot is an unsigned 20 year old called Dan Wythoff. He is currently giving his latest album away for free at his website.

    I have loads more to add to this but thought I'd wait for any feedback from the artists mentioned above. I do enjoy converting others to my tastes!! Much to what my girlfriend knows about!!

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    I have three Grant Lee Buffalo albums, including Copperopolis and agree that he's a considerable talent.

    I'll check out some of your suggestions, although they'll be added to a long list, so it might be a while before I can respond. The Elvis Perkins sounds particularly interesting...
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