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    Default internet charges and fees

    just wondering what everyone pays for their internet access around the world? and which countries have the best value for money.

    i am currently paying $69 per month for 6G of data (that equates to the same in exchange rate to the US,35pounds UK,50Euros) give or take a bit.

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    Package deal here with my Dish satelite tv, land phone and internet on one bill, around $120 a month.
    I'm sure it's broken down on the bill, but if I look, I'll want to change something, so I don't want to.
    Change is not good.
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    Phone & broadband for 33 per month. Broadband element is 16, that's with a 10 Gig per month download allowance.

    Don't use subscription TV, since Freesat supplies all the good stuff including BBC & ITV High-Def broadcasts FOC (although there is a 145 annual license fee which funds the wonderful BBC service, which everyone pays).

    The license fee is slightly contentious in the UK due to the compulsion element, but as a result of this the BBC provide some of the best TV services in the world IMHO. Very Socialist...

    It seems the UK is quite cheap, despite the perpetual whines about "Rip-off Britain"...
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