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Thread: Best rock/metal ballads?

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    Default Best rock/metal ballads?

    Hevay Metal and Rock bands prove themselves the most accomplished and proficient often by virtue of the sometimes fantastic ballads they pen. Who can forget Gary Moore's "Empty rooms", Journey's "Who's crying now?" or even Zep's "Going to California", or GnR's "November rain"?
    So which are your favourite rock/metal ballads?

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    When the Smoke is Going Down - The Scorpions
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    Moore's 'Empty Rooms' I've always thought is a great record. 'November Rain' is always one which comes to mind despite the fact I don't even like it or Guns N Roses!

    Here's one from the 90s. Albeit an obscure one, It's one of my favourites and definitely one of Dire Straits most underrated songs.

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