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Thread: R.I.P Teena Marie

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    Default R.I.P Teena Marie

    Never knew much about her music.
    Association with Rick James was her biggest fame for me.

    from boombox

    R&B songstress Teena Marie passed away Sunday (Dec. 26). She was 54-years-old. Details of the singer's death are scarce but she reportedly passed away in her sleep and was discovered in her Los Angeles home by her daughter Alia Rose AKA Rose LeBeau. Marie's passing was first discovered by journalist/author Roland Martin, who took to Twitter to report on the sad news. The singer's publicist, Jasmine Vega, eventually confirmed reports. Marie's manager, Mike Gardner, also confirmed her death to CNN.

    Born Marie Christine Brockert -- Teena Marie, famously known as Rick James' protegee, rose to fame in the late 70s and 80s. The Grammy nominated singer-songwriter released her debut 'Wild and Peaceful' via Motown Records in 1979. The album featured 'I'm a Sucker for Your Love,' Marie's first Top Ten hit, but Lady T would go on to have many more hits, including 'Square Biz,' 'Lovergirl' and 'Ooo La La La.'

    Marie's career spanned four decades. She released 13 albums, including 2009's 'Congo Square.' 'Congo Square' was a nod to an area in the Treme section of New Orleans where slaves would gather in the 18th century to perform. Marie collaborated with her daughter Alia Rose on the project and also teamed with Faith Evans, MC Lyte and Shirley Murdock. Marie would spend much of 2009 and 2010 touring in support of 'Congo Square' while tossing her many hits.
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    thanks music head, i just checked out some of Teena's songs, i know the songs but didnt know the name....she's not bad

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    Nice stuff great music ,..
    Great lyrics having great tracks with nice music for the listeners,...

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