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Thread: David Banner & 9th Wonder - Death Of A Pop Star

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    Default David Banner & 9th Wonder - Death Of A Pop Star

    included a bio for both as this is a first collaboration.

    liked the included clip of The Light.
    a few others excaped the bottom

    Grade 1..3

    released Dec 21st, 2010

    from the album - The Light - grade 2.0

    from all music

    Bio - David Banner

    One half of the rap duo Crooked Lettaz, David Banner helped put Mississippi on the map in 1999. In 2000, he released his first solo album in Them Firewater Boyz, Vol. 1. Originally on Penalty Records, he realized quickly that a New York-based record label just didn't know how to handle the south. With the help of his crew, he managed to sell over 10,000 copies of his first album in his hometown alone. He broke out nationally in 2003 with a pair of albums, Mississippi: The Album and MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water. These releases spawned a varied clutch of hits -- "Like a Pimp," "Cadillac on 22's" and "Crank It Up." Two years later, he released Certified.

    Bio - 9th Wonder

    Growing up in Winston-Salem, NC, the boy who would become producer 9th Wonder, Pat Douthit, performed in the school band and also played the keyboard at home. Initially, while a student at North Carolina Central University, Douthit planned on saving his money for the producer's favorite tool, the MPC, but after a friend showed him that he could make the beats he wanted on a computer, he decided to use that instead. In 1998 he met classmates and future bandmates Phonte and Big Pooh, and with them soon formed Little Brother. Their first album, The Listening, was released in 2003, and 9th Wonder began to receive further attention after he remixed Nas' 2002 album, God's Son, naming it God's Stepson, as well as the track "Threat," which he produced on Jay-Z's seminal The Black Album. Work with Murs, Buckshot, Jean Grae, Destiny's Child, and Mary J. Blige followed, as well as another Little Brother record, 2005's Minstrel Show, the same year his proper solo debut, Dream Merchant, Vol. 1, came out. In 2007 9th Wonder left Little Brother, and spent his time not only producing tracks for the likes of Erykah Badu and Sean Price, but also teaching a class on hip-hop at NCCU and collaborating with Boot Camp Clik's Buckshot for an album called The Formula, which was released in the spring of 2008. In 2010 he collaborated with rapper David Banner for the innovative effort Death of a Pop Star.

    Album Review

    A surprise pairing, for sure, but there’s a great chemistry between rapper David Banner and producer 9th Wonder on Death of a Pop Star. The former Little Brother member adjusts his production style a tad, but it’s Banner that totally shocks, successfully flowing in an introspective style if he needs to deliver a message and then switching into brute mode when he needs to drive words through thick skulls. He’s got plenty to say too, as the opening “Diamonds on My Pinky” ponders “Boys club closing while they building P.F. Chang's” while the slow-rolling highlight “The Light” warns of both the death of hip-hop and society itself with “Rappers is turnin’ into singers/Preachers touchin’ the kids.” Wonder’s beats are the kind of top-notch, scratchy soul he excels at, but the real attraction here is Banner’s coming off as a more layered and complicated artist than previously, with every rhyme he spits being a step in the right direction. Even when things get easy and romantic, he is the reason the Ludacris feature “Be with You” is an above-average bedroom number, and when it comes to getting soulful with Erykah Badu, “Silly” is the symbiotic proof he’s more than able. All that said, Death of a Pop Star has morphed from a mixtape, to a full album, and then into this final, rather short release, and while it’s sold as a conceptual piece inspired by the end of music industry, it does go off topic without warning. In the end, Death of a Pop Star seems like a sampler for something much bigger, but fans of innovative hip-hop will still be thrilled to hear that Banner has joined their ranks and taken a position on the front lines.

    Track Listing

    1 Diamonds on My Pinky 2:19
    2 No Denying (Channel 3) Campbell 2:13
    3 Mas 4 1:20
    4 The Light 4:18
    5 Slow Down Campbell, Victoria 3:20
    6 Be with You Campbell 3:21
    7 Stutter Campbell 3:25
    8 Silly 2:08
    9 Something Is Wrong Campbell 3:49
    10 Strange Campbell 4:21
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    just heard your link for "the light"...good song, reminds my a bit of 2pac,and i like him(one of the few rappers i do like).

    David Banner was the name of the guy who became 'the hulk' and he turned green when he was what made him turn black?

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