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Thread: Interview with Lady Gaga

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    Default Interview with Lady Gaga

    Yesterday on Fuse I saw an interview with Lady Gaga which sparked my admiration of her.
    She doesn't care what you have to say about her, she only cares about her music. She stands up for what she belives in, such as the don't ask don't tell policy. Gaga says she was treated like a freak in high school, and look where she is now?
    I think she's defenitley someone to look up to. What do you think?

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    imnot sure about Gaga yet, but Pink is a good role model for girls IMO

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    admire her talent
    but I sure wouldn't call her a role model
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    Quote Originally Posted by Music Head View Post
    admire her talent
    but I sure wouldn't call her a role model
    She usually does the performance art to show something to attract the folks. She may star a mvie:

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