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Thread: Help plz!! Dance song from a movie

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    Exclamation Help plz!! Dance song from a movie

    here is the movie clip
    (08) @ 10:05 - end
    seamlessly continued at

    in a club the song with female vocal i think this song came from late 90's eurodance music.

    sorry for my english and i realy need the name.

    please give me some help.thanks in advance!!
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    Sorry, but I've never heard it, and have no idea how to help...

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    I've tried but I have no real idea how to help.............................Perhaps the best way is to find the title of the movie and type it into an appropriate search engine and look at the results.............maybe there is an equivalent of the wiki that will help...................
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    well,thanks tiggi, gryphon.I've searth anything about the movie,but still can't find any information about the song.

    only found the storyline,director,actor.i think the only way is the lyrics, but i don't get some words of the song.

    my bad english T_T.

    at the begining " go go rock you (i don't understand this word) go go" then " you........ i used to dream.... i used to be..."
    anybody can get all the lyrics of the song in this clip??
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    I don't know but from the sound of it you'd really enjoy the happy hardcore sound. Try some early Bonkers compilations (for example Bonkers 3 or Bonkers 5) with DJs like Dougal, Hixxy and Sharkey

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    i am great fan of movies and i love to watch movies,and there are some special dancing flicks like Step up series,but i can not recognise these videos.sorry i can not help in this matter.

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