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    THE JAM "this is the modern world' 1977. vinyl/cd

    The Jam's second album, and their second album released in 1977, this album could have been so much better. the basic chord/melody structure of the songs was good but i feel as if they are incomplete....thanks to Polygram Records insisting The Jam rush back into the studio after their debut set to record another album....then Polygram had the balls to threaten dropping The Jam because it wasnt as good as it should have been.
    there is only one great song on this album, 'standards', six good ones and five dud tracks. maybe its just the years that ends in '7'? because the style concil released the rubbish 'the cost of loving' in 1987 and Paul Weller released 'heavy soul' in 1997,which was also crap.
    thankfully he didnt releae an album in 2007! LOL
    this albums music is a lot less 'punkish' than 'in the city' and owes its sound to more of the Kinks and the Who 1965-68 sound.
    Paul Weller wrote nine of these tracks,bass player Bruce Foxton wrote and sung on two of the tracks and there is one cover version....
    Wilson Picket's 'midnight hour',PW's fascination/influence of soul music still exists to this day.
    Foxton's 'dont tell them youre sane' was written after he saw the Nicholson movie 'one flew over the cookoos nest'. the album also contains paul weller's first two REAL love songs: 'tonight at noon' & 'i need you(for someone),lovely songs,just not finished to what they could have been.
    the album reached #22 UK, the single 'the modern world' #36 UK.


    best track: Standards
    worst track: The Combine


    1. the modern world** live
    2. london traffic*
    3. standards*** live from a window* audio
    5. the combine*
    6. dont tell them you're sane*
    7. in the street today*
    8. london girl*
    9. i need you(for someone)** audio
    10. here comes the weekend**
    11. tonight at noon** live
    12. in the midnight hour** audio


    rating 1.5

    to be continued,next...'all mod cons'1978.

    sh*t!, i lost 'in the city' whilst moving it here and its dissapeared into the ether!,anyway rating 2.0
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    You should merge these, and move the new post into the Beginner's Guide section, Lloyd.

    Good stuff...

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    ive sent you a PM to move these for me to 'beginners guide' you're right, they should go there...i just started off listening to 'in the city' and got a bit carried away with i do every now and then.

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    yea, I like the way you are doing them all in order.
    sort of wish I could do that, but mine are in no order, by choice

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    Nice one Lloyd! Looking forward to hear what you have to say about the solo records!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Music Head View Post
    yea, I like the way you are doing them all in order.
    sort of wish I could do that, but mine are in no order, by choice
    i have complete collections of Weller,McCartney,Neil Young and Finn Brothers..... theyre the only four artrists i keep in chronological order, the rest of my albums/cds are all jumbled up so i dont know what i pick to play, much like you by the sounds of it, i used to keep everything in alphabetical order but i soon got too choosey about what i played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Soul View Post
    Nice one Lloyd! Looking forward to hear what you have to say about the solo records!
    thanks for that 'proactive' comment Mr.soul,just one comment makes it worthwhile spending the time doing it, i only got the idea to do it after your comments about 'live wood' last week-ish
    so far the Jam albums have not diminished in the way i used to like them,which is good, i too will be interested how i feel about subsequent releases now that time has passed by.
    i'm already thinking about my next project...NY or Macca by decade.

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