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    THE JAM "In The City" 1977. vinyl/cd

    its amazing how time flies as you get older,thus, i cant believe that this album is 33 years old. it was The Jam's debut set and from the first strikes Paul weller makes on his Rickenbacker on the opening track 'art school' you know you're in for almost forty minutes of 'power'. it is relentless, like the debuts of the Sex Pistols/Clash, also from 1977, possibly all three releases are the three best debut albums from the later half of the 70's,certainly by groups from the UK.
    although the music is powerful and raw in the 'punk' sense of the word, the music is more sophisticated than the standard three chords used by the punk bands of the day, ie..the songs contain 'middle 8s'.
    The Jam too, although closely related to punk,were smart dressers like their Mod idols of the 1960s.
    Vocally and lyrically the songs are slightly immature,due to the fact of singer/songwriter Paul Weller's age(19).
    ten of the twelve tracks are Weller originals,the remaining two tracks, 'batman theme' and 'slow down' are Who and Larry Williams covers, respectively. 'non-stop dancing',even though is loud and heavy has distinct resemblences to Motown, another of Paul Weller's influences.
    the subject matter deals with, urban decay, street life, not dissimilar to those of Ray Davies.
    the album reached #20 UK, 'in the city' #40 UK.


    tracks: school**
    2.i've changed my address**
    3.slow down**
    4.i got by in time**
    5.away from the numbers**
    6.batman theme** the city**
    8.sounds from the street**
    9.non-stop dancing**
    10.time for truth**
    11.takin' my love**
    12.bricks and mortar**


    rating 2.0

    to be,"this is the modern world"1977
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