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Thread: Country & Blues Fingerpicking (VIDEO - Solo Guitar) Again!!

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    Default Country & Blues Fingerpicking (VIDEO - Solo Guitar) Again!!

    Hi folks. I'm posting another video. I hope you don't get sick and tired of them and chuck me out

    I made this one up, so I'd really appreciate it if you left your opinion about it.
    All the best. Take care!

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    Have you listened to the album by Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler. Can't think of the title right now but there is a lot of stuff on there very similar to what you are doing. An absolute classic. They only did one together as far as I know but it's a beaut!

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    Default not bag!

    Hey, not bad.
    I can seeeee... who plays with a flatpick, though. )
    Tough innit? Yer first finger is your strongest, and, I'm assuming because you flatpicked first, it's havin' trouble gettin in there.
    Tsk. I'm in the same exact boat, so I gave up and became full hybrid a long time ago.
    Mind, you are in very good company, Jerry Reed did this a lot and he is a stone killer.

    Chet Atkins- Knopler - Neck and Neck. Maybe about Chet's fiftieth album, easily the best thing Knopfler will ever play on. I think they did another one...
    Don't miss Scotty Anderson f you think you've seen a country fingerstyle player before...

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