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    Just discovered this little gem of an album. In 1992, 'The Red Devils' had several studio recording sessions with Mick Jagger which were never officially released until one of the tracks surfaced on one of Jagger's later compilations. Was given a copy of this album of demos from the sessions and it is fantastic. Jagger sounds so good on this record I had to double check it was recorded in the 90s and not the 60s!! I believe the Red Devils themselves only released one album, a live one back in the early 90s before disbanding shortly after. It's a shame we couldn't have seen more from them as it's evident from this record that Lester Butler was a great harp player. Will need to check out the live album although it's extremely difficult to get a hold of.

    Tracklisting is as follows. Hard to believe only 12 seperate songs within a 21 track album! That's demo tapes for you!

    01 Blues With A Feeling (Take 1)
    02 Blues With A Feeling (Take 2)
    03 Blues With A Feeling (Take 4)
    04 Blues With A Feeling (Take 5)
    05 I Got My Eyes On You (Take 2)
    06 Still A Fool (Take 3)
    07 Still A Fool (Take 4)
    08 Checkin' Up On My Baby (Take 3)
    09 One Way Out (Take 1)
    10 One Way Out (Take 2)
    11 Talk To Me Baby (Take 2)
    12 Evil (Take 2)
    13 Evil (Take 3)
    14 Evil (Take 4)
    15 Ain't Your Business (Take 3)
    16 Shake 'Em On Down (Take 1)
    17 Somebody Loves Me (Take 3)
    18 Dream Girl Blues (Take 1)
    19 Dream Girl Blues (Take 3)
    20 40 Days 40 Nights (Take 1)
    21 40 Days 40 Nights (Take 2)

    I've just come across a nice blogspot where someone has kindly uploaded the album via mediafire (reliable server) for downloading:
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