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    So i have been a fan of this band since maybe 2005, i have seen them 6 times in total all of which were great shows and each 1 different from the next!!

    The band has definitely grown a lot over the spread of their 3 albums and i have been massively hooked on this is war since its release 1 year ago!

    Any thoughts on how much the band have taken each step to change their writing process and style from the much heavier self titled album in 2002?

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    Don't know anything about them, Piece. A few more details please...

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    30 seconds to mars are a band who formed close to what i think may be 12 years ago, they had a self titled album released in 2002 which is a more metal album than the more recent 2. A lot of electronics also used in the music but its good and i would say pretty original, unfortunately it never got picked up so much! Lot of good lyrics too!

    Their 2nd album, A Beautiful Lie came out in 2005 and this mainly shot them into the spotlight closer to 06/07. Slightly different style than their self titled album, i guess it was there "emo" phase, but not your sterotypical emo. Main singles which may be recognised are The Kill and From Yesterday! Great album.

    This is War the most recent of the lot was release 1 year ago and is different once again! Vocals are amazing, great range of voice!! Music is awesome and more of an epic alternative style i guess!

    All albums well worth a listen!

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