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Thread: Questions with Pen Pal Request

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    Default Questions with Pen Pal Request

    I am a Female with Autism the Aspergers Kind I have some questions my Questions are:
    1. Does anyone Like Church Bells-Carillons-Electronic Carillons?
    2. Does anyone like the Sound of the Maas-Rowe Electronic Carillons?
    3. Is there anyone that I can talk to on the Phone at times when I want to talk to someone on the Phone?
    4. I am looking for email pen pals that will accept Short Letters with Questions only Like:
    1. Do you Have any Pets?
    2. Do you Like Music?
    3. What Type of Music do you like?

    If you know the answers please message me


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    Default Hi and Welcome

    Hi and a warm welcome to MD!

    We are an internet based forum whose passion is music.

    We all share this passion regardless of what our musical tastes are

    You are very welcome to post on the site and tell us all about your particular passion for music and you will find that we will all try to share that passion with you.

    If you want to chat about things less connected with music, then try posting them in the chit chat section and you will find that members will try to connect with those ideas...

    If you like you are free and welcome to contribute to the discussions in the chit chat section......they are rather like short e-mails

    We welcome you again and look forward to hearing from you soon
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    where's the like button
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    hi, and welcome to MD, i think Gryphon summed up the site perfectly,feel free to post posts in the chit-chat section of the forum.

    as a footnote to your wanting to chat on the phone to people, i suggest, in the friendliest way possible, that you try a phone-in counselling service in your area, go to your local church etc....there will be people there who you can confide in with any problems/issues that you may have, they will also be able to point you in the right direction for any help you desire.

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    Don't know what Maas-Rowe electronic carillons are but it has sparked my curiosity. I use a lot of bell effects in my own music but it's probably not your type of material. What kind of music do you like? Can you provide some names so we can check it out?

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