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Thread: Music magazines.

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    Default Music magazines.

    i currently switch between NME and Q magazine. Does anyone else read musical articles? do they have any infulence over your music? what magazines on music do you read? if yes, why do you read them? or why don't you? Is it a good way to find music, or is it just someone telling you what and what not to listen to.

    discuss. :)

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    THis sounds like an exam question:

    Personally I would bring Mojo into the equation .............I find it has excellent coverage and some of the editorial view points are good.

    Record collector is unparalleled in its field and provides an excellent insight into many minor fields.

    Q is OK but I don't find it fulfilling.

    As I'm European based I often use the local mags here in NL however, if you can;t read Dutch they can be hard work...................However in NL we have one of the most detailed nostalgia scenes I have ever seen. Next door in Belgium they have a really excellent club scene and have magazines which cover current things in depth!
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    Mojo is very good, Uncut also, Record Collector has its usefulness also.

    'Q' isnt as informative as the others mentioned IMO, 'Rolling Stone' is ok when there is an article of interest in it, otherwise i tend not to buy that either.

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    I read Mojo.

    Get quite a few tips about good albums, both old and new. I particularly like the attention they pay to the huge legacy of older material that I still need to investigate. Critics aren't the answer to everything, but they can point you in the right direction regarding what music to check out.

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