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Thread: Can a Roland GR33 control a microKorg?

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    Default Can a Roland GR33 control a microKorg?

    Hoping someone can help here. I own a Roland GR33 synth and have been considering picking up a microKorg (possibly the XL). The Roland synths are supposed to be able control certain keyboards so you can use their soundbanks through the guitar's midi pickup. Does anyone know if you can run the microKorg through the GR33 to use the Korg's sounds? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    If the Roland has a midi out cable and the Korg has a midi in there should be no problem. There might be a latency issue but I'm not sure how bad it will be. And just one more thing - it might be a better idea to use a Roland synth instead of a Korg. Not because it's better but because at least you know the products will be talking the same language. You can always use a soft-synth version of the Korg in your DAW.
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