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    Default Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Any fans of the late great man here?

    What a guitarist! My favourite album is 'couldn't satnd the weather' and my favourite song is 'pride and joy'

    He just had a great feel to his playing!

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    Hey Im a fan! Got all of SRV's albums. To be honest when I first heard his early albums like Texas Flood I wasn't that into him and began to think he was a bit overrated. It wasn't until I heard his last album 'In Step' from '89 that I fell in love with his playing. I have this habit when it comes to artists where I usually tend to be into the later-period output. If you havent heard the album already, give it a listen. I personally prefer it as it has a much more mature sound to his earlier work.

    Heres a track from it:

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    Not a huge fan, but I have the Texas Flood, and Couldn't Stand The Weather albums.

    It was hearing Scuttle Buttin' that first turned me on to SRV. I'm not usually that fond of speedy guitaring, but that track's something else...

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    Im a huge fan of the late great Srv. What a humble guy with amazing guiar skills. I listen to him every day. Its weird how someone you never met becomes like a part of you. I even miss the guy and never met him. Behind Hendrix is SRV for me. Keep jammin Stevie fans!!!

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    Scuttle Buttin is Stevies best riff, thank you very much. )
    Only thing is - anyone getting into blues today- avoid doin' the Stevie standards, the overplayed ones, let 'em lay. The guy would be embarrassed to think people were aping him instead of the ten dozen guys he learned from.
    There's guys as good today, a good number of them, who aren't going to ever become rockstars like Stevie, who would trade it all if he could just come back and play at a jam somewhere with no hoopla.

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