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    BOB DYLAN "Christmas In The Heart" 2009.

    firstly, i do like His Bobness but i always get his albums with a feeling of expecting the worst, and Bob singing christmas songs sent a shudder through my body! i honestly couldnt think of anything worse,except a John Lydon festive record?!
    i bought this album for last Christmas expecting to have a good laugh after Xmas lunch with a beer or two, but surprise,surprise!! it's actually a good Christmas album filled with good cheer and Xmas hear Bob let out a few 'ho,ho,hos' is priceless.
    theres accordians and other traditional acoustic guitars or harmonicas are in view. the backing vocals are a cross between the King Brothers/Andrews Sisters, its all lovely and sweet and very 1940's sounding for the best part. then you mix that with the gnarly/phlegmy/raspy vocals of Dylan and the whole thing works a treat for some strange reason. Bobs vocals sound as to how i'd expect Ole Saint Nick to sound if he were singing these songs as he flies across the sky delivering gifts to children on Xmas Eve.there are several duff tracks here but a few crackers(pardon the pun) also, but that is across the board on most of Dylans albums. even the tracks im not so keen on are bearable with the old fashioned music and backing vocals.
    Bob also donated all royalties from this album to help feed the homeless in the US and also to various charities in Europe and Africa.
    the album reached #23 in the US and #40 in the UK. the single 'must be santa' reached #41 in the UK,there was no chart placing in the US singles charts.

    tracks: come santa claus *** (audio) you hear what i hear? ***
    3...winter wonderland ***
    4...hark the herald angels sing ** (audio)
    5...i'll be home for christmas **
    6...little drummer boy *** (audio)
    7...the christmas blues*
    8...O' come all ye faithful **
    9...have yourself a merry little christmas **
    10.must be santa *** (video)
    11.silver bells ***
    12.the first noel* island**
    14.the christmas song*
    15.O' little town of Bethlehem**


    as an album to hear throughout the year 1.2
    as a christmas album 2.1
    as a Dylan album 1.8

    overall rating 1.7

    ps: i had to put the album in Genral music because it doesnt fit anywhere else, anyway Bob should have his own genre because,well, he is Bob afterall!
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    I'm considering adding this to the list.
    he is Bob afterall!
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