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Thread: David "Rock" Feinstein - Bitten By The Beast

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    Default David "Rock" Feinstein - Bitten By The Beast

    one for the head bangers, maybe that goth metal guy.

    Grade - 1.3

    released Nov 23rd, 2010

    from the album - Metal Will Never Die - grade 1.5

    Album Review from gears of rock

    “I am metal and I’ll never die,” belts the late legendary metal god Ronnie James Dio on “Metal Will Never Die,” the paramount track from David Rock Feinstein’s latest album Bitten By The Beast.

    The message of this powerful rock anthem is a comforting one even though it represents one of the last tracks that Dio ever recorded. Dio’s lead vocal performance—heavy as ever—soars and slays. It serves as yet another reminder that his legacy will live on forever.

    So, what exactly is the link between Dio and David Rock Feinstein? You may remember the blues-rock band Elf from the 70′s. It was the group Dio fronted prior to joining Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. David Rock Feinstein is Dio’s cousin who played lead guitar for Elf. Later, Feinstein went on to play in The Rods, Dave Feinstein, and Feinstein.

    37 years after departing Elf, Feinstein serves up Bitten By The Beast. This album is presented by Niji Entertainment Group, which was founded by Dio and Wendy Dio prior to Ronnie’s passing.

    David Rock Feinstein’s vocal style is similar to his cousin’s. His voice is not as omnipotent as Dio’s, but still refreshingly commanding (perhaps, Feinstein could pull off a Heaven and Hell reunion someday or at least a nice tribute).

    Feinstein also plays lead guitars and bass on the record. His style ranges from driving blues-rock (“Rock’s Boogie,” “Gambler Gambler,” “Run For Your Life”) to heavy metal (“Kill The Demon,” “Evil In Me,” “Smoke On The Horizon”) in its rawest and most natural form.

    The riffs on Bitten By The Beast are huge and the licks are very well-phrased. You can clearly tell that DRF has been doing this for decades and is still having a blast. It makes me want to stand in front of my Marshall rig and riff out for days. There is nothing more powerful and exhilarating than that feeling, and that is the feeling DRF exhibits.

    This is one beastly record that comes out swinging fiery iron swords at soul-thirsty demons. In other words, everything on this album is done in the honor and glory of hard rock.

    Track Listing

    1 Smoke On The Horizon Feinstein 4:49
    2 Evil In Me Feinstein 6:43
    3 Break Down The Walls Feinstein 4:26
    4 Metal Will Never Die Feinstein 5:19
    5 Kill The Demon Feinstein 5:42
    6 Rocks Boogie Feinstein 4:04
    7 Give Me Mercy Feinstein 4:03
    8 Run For Your Life Feinstein 5:13
    9 Gambler Gambler Dio, Feinstein 4:04
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    this is just too heavy for me,its noise,but not 'le noise'

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