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Thread: Eminem - 2004 - Present

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    Post Eminem - 2004 - Present

    Here we go! A couple of days late, but i had iPod issues i had to take care of

    Every linked song contains explicit lyrics.

    Much debate followed 2004's Encore and people wondered if he was actually retiring or if he would release a new album. The events that happened in 2005 seemed to confirm his retirement. In '05 he canceled the European leg of his Anger Management Tour to check himself into rehab for an addiction to sleep medication. Later, the album "Curtain Call: Greatest Hits" was released. The album contained the most popular songs off each album as well as two new songs, *When I'm Gone and *F***. When I'm Gone is a depiction of him at a rehab group meeting and he is describing his nightmares of fame (great song, tear jerker). F*** is him sounding like Erick Cartman in some disgusting sexual encounter (don't recommend listening to this.) In 2006 Eminem's best friend Proof died from a gunshot wound to the head after being in an argument in a club on 8 mile road.

    Eminem Presents: The Re-Up (2006)
    Originally meant to just be an exposure album for the new artists on the label Shady Records, Eminem appears on most of the songs. Only 2 of which are not compilations though. The You Don't Know video (featuring 50 Cent, Loyd Banks, and Cashis) gives us a preview of serial killer Eminem which comes out in Relapse. Eminem's sound in this album is most similar to Recovery.
    Recommended Songs: Public Enemy #1 (freestyle), No Apologies

    During this time period Eminem did not release an album. In 2007 e did however do a song with T.I. titled Touchdown. In this song he attempts to use the southern rap style that had been growing in popularity. In 2007 rumors were that he was going to release an album titled King Mathers.

    In 2008 Eminem overdosed on Methadone and was two hours away from death. Soon after he announced his new album would be titled Relapse and released the freestlye I'm Having a Relapse. The song is a preview of his style in Relapse.

    Relapse (2009)
    For much of this album Eminem takes the image of a crazy serial killer. A lot of the "killing" is metaphorical however. In many songs he uses an accent. He also no longer dyed his hair blonde.

    Album Flow: He continues his use of skits in this album and does much better than Encore. The song "My Darling" should have followed the opening skit "Dr. West" however . The most notable transition is "Must Be the Ganja" - "Mr. Mathers" - "Deja Vu".

    Notable Songs
    3 AM - First song off the track is him describing himself as a serial killer.
    Hello - Reintroduces Slim Shady, again... Slim's view of his drug addiction.
    Same Song and Dance - The killing is metaphorical for how he has picked on certain celebrities over and over.
    Deja Vu - He reflects back on the events that led to his overdose.
    Beautiful - Serves as a preview of his sound for Recovery. Darker reflective song.
    Underground - "Alot of people ask me..." song is back. The sound is similar to what on recovery. Content is still serial killer like.
    Careful What You Wish For - Another reflective song of the impact of fame.

    Recommended to Avoid: Insane, Taking My Ball
    Notes: "Bagpipes from Baghdad" is his song about Mariah Carey. "Forever" and "Drop The World" were released around this time.

    Recovery (2010)
    Originally meant to be Relapse 2 he renamed it recovery because Relapse 2 didn't fit. He released the freestyle Despicable to hype up the album. This is probably his best album Lyrically as he creates incredible rhyme schemes and isn't talking about murdering people.

    Album Flow: Eminem does not use skits in this album. Instead he attempts to let the album flow with just the music. Some sections flow well, but most of the album has a mixtape feel.

    Notable Songs
    Talkin To Myself - He's basically talking to himself about his past.
    Going Through Changes - Uses an old Ozzy sample. The song has a similar feel to When I'm Gone, but reflecting on the time after that song.
    Not Afraid - He tries to offer a hand to other addicts or people struggling.
    No Love - Eminem's verse is crazy in this one.
    Space Bound - Song about Mariah Carey. More emotional approach to it this time.
    25 to Life - Compares his rapping career to an abusive marriage.
    Love the Way You Lie - His description of an abusive relationship. (Megan Fox in video )
    You're Never Over - His official song dedicated to Proof.

    Recommended to Avoid: Won't Back Down (Pink was added in after the song was produced making it mix terribly)

    After Recovery
    So far he has done or is doing 2 songs after. He is featured on Niki Manaj's Roman's Revenge and Rhianna's Love the Way You Lie Pt 2.

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    Another groovy review.

    Who's next on your list ??

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    Torn between Metallica, The Used, Aerosmith, and Linkin Park. Ill get my next one up either randomly at 3 am one night or next week. This is probably the busiest weekend I've had this year :0

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    We appreciate your efforts
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    very,very well done,thank you...looking foreward to your next one

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