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    "LET'S EAT" The Wiggles

    the wait is finally over! the wiggles return with a new album,their first, since founding member/songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Greg, took off and hung up his 'yellow' skivvie. Thus, the current lineup consists of murray(red),anthony(blue),jeff(purple) and new recruit sam(yellow).despite the lineup upheaval, the wiggles are in classic form on this 28 track cd.
    this is the 'ultimate' concept album!...its all about food and nutrition, there are 7 songs that deal with the 7 days of the week,all with the same tune and melody, which reminds me of the 'another brick pts 1-3' that pink floyd did to great effect on 'the wall' album. The album cover bears a bit of a resemblance to another album,the title of which alludes me at the moment.The songs range from funk/soul and pop,there are guest performances from keith urban,mental as anything,dorothy the dinosaur and aussie icon capt.feathersword.Sorry, i cant help it,im p*ssing myself laughing as im reviewing this album. but with platinum and double platinum albums behind them and earnings of over 50million dollars per year over the last 2 decades,it is only right that the wiggles are recognised as true 'rockstars'!


    best track:Rag Mop
    worst track:Clap Yout Hands

    1.let's clap
    2.clap your hands
    3.monday is muffin day
    4.england swings
    5.alabama jubilee
    6.i love waffles in the morning
    7.tuesday is taoc day
    8.have a laugh
    9.go far,big red car
    10.on aunt nellies farm
    12.wednesday is watermelon day
    14.tom love,eating!
    15.clean your teeth
    16.yellow bird
    17.thursday is bratwurst day
    18.thats what you call digestion
    19.sound your funky horn
    20.rag mop
    21.dorothy,pick roses with me
    22.friday is fish fry day
    23.squid jigglin' round
    24.sleep safe my baby
    25.wonderful wags
    26.saturday is sultana day
    27.wash your hands
    28.sunday is sandwich day

    rating 2.25

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    WTF ??

    Is this an Aussie phenomenon ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggi View Post
    WTF ??

    Is this an Aussie phenomenon ?
    yeh Tiggi, theyre an aussie kids thing,do a show a bit like play school but incorporate music in it...theyre huge in a lot of countries, in 2005 they did 12 days in a row at Madison Square Garden,playing their stage show to 250,000 kids and parents!for the best part of twenty years they top our money earning entertainers annually, beating the likes of Kylie and AC/DC.
    two of the members were in a rockband called 'the cockroaches' back in the 80s, theyre all child psychologists by trade

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