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    Post Eminem - 2000-2004

    Heya, if you haven't read the first part of this go here. I'll try and organize this one a bit better

    Just a warning. Some of the videos in the links do contain explicit language. I marked the ones that do with a *. (okay that's every song)

    In 1996 the group D12 (The Dirty Dozen) was formed which was originally intended to have 12 rappers, but instead had 6 rappers each with their own alter-ego to make the 12. Eminem created Slim Shady for this project, but left when he was signed to Dr. Dre. In 1999 the member named Bugz was killed in an arguement while at a picnic. He offered to rejoin the group and did.

    Eminem's first two albums created a ton of controversy because of the lyrics and controversy they brought. Despite the controversy, SSLP is certified 4x Platinum and MMLP is certified 9x Platinum. Soon after releasing SSLP he died his hair blonde.

    D12 Projects 2001 and 2004
    Eminem has produced two albums for the group, Devils Night (2001) and D12 World (2004). I will not go much into these albums because it would take an entire thread and not all of it is related to Eminem. The D12 rappers include Eminem, Proof, Bizarre, Kuniva, Mr. Porter, Swifty, and Bugz. These names are mentioned every so often in his music. Proof was his "hype man" until his death in 2006. Today Mr. Porter is his hype man. Devil's Night was released in 2001 and is a preview of what Eminem's producing that is featured on his next album.

    The Eminem Show (2002)

    The album was released in 2002 and was highly anticipated after 2 highly successful albums. This was the first album almost completely produced by Eminem. Like each album before Eminem again changes his style. He keeps the angry aspects of MMLP and brings back some cartoony humor from SSLP and combines them. This album is considered his best by some... err ok by me . The album has been certified 8x Platinum.

    Album Flow: This aspect of this album is probably why i feel this is his best album. He continues the use of skits and uses them brilliantly. The title of this album is very appropriate because listening to this album front to back actually makes you feel that you are at a show (just don't have your iPod on shuffle ). The album opens with the sound of stage curtains opening, he clears his throat, and then screams "AMERICA!" straight into his first song. The second skit is *The Kiss which the background music flows straight into the next song *Soldier.

    Sound: He backs off the intense anger sounding delivery from MMLP, but still brings it out in some songs such as *Soldier, *White America, and *Till I Collapse. Several songs have a calmer joking sound which gives this album more variation such as *Without Me and *I Think My Dad's Gone Crazy. He brings a new reflective style to this album as well in which instead of just bashing the people in his past he actually reflects on the story. *Cleaning Out My Closet and *Say Goodbye To Hollywood are good examples of this.

    Other Recommended Songs: *Business and *Hailie's Song.
    Recommended to Avoid: *"Drips"
    Notes: He does not continue his "A lot of people ask me..." tradional song in this album, but starts a new tradition where he makes a song about Mariah Carey. The song is *Superman. Lyrics about his wife are spread throughout the entire album instead of just one song.

    8 Mile (2002)
    If you have not seen this movie I recommend it. It is very good whether you are into rap or not. The song *Lose Yourself comes off the soundtrack as well as the less known *Rabbit Run.

    Encore (2004)
    Eminem has claimed recently that he was on drugs while making this album. A lot of this album comes across as a someone who has won everything and is still beating a dead horse. Not to say there isn't good songs in this album though! This album is split being half produced by himself and the other half by Dr. Dre.

    Album Flow: Eminem attempts to continue on The Em. Show's success with skits. The album opens with curtains going up again and goes straight into the dark progressive beat of *Evil Deeds. At the end of the song he transitions straight into his next song. However, this concert feel ends after the third song on the album. The transitions are not that good for the rest of the album.

    Sound: Em's voice in this album sounds much more mature than in previous albums. High pitched cartoony Slim Shady is gone. In this album he seems to take hold of that reflective style he used in The Eminem Show and uses it throughout the entire album. *Yellow Brick Road, *Like Toy Soldiers, *Mockingbird, and *Crazy In Love are a few examples of this.

    Recommended to Avoid
    : *"Puke", *"My 1st Single", *"Rain Man", *"Big Weenie".
    Notes: Eminem continues the Mariah Carey tradition in the song *"Spend Some Time". His song about his wife is *I Love You More.

    Information is from his own song lyrics, Wikipedia, Interviews found on Youtube,, and my own opinions .
    -Infinite (1996)
    -Slim Shady EP (1997)
    -The Slim Shady LP (1999)
    -The Marshal Mathers LP (2000)
    -D12 Devil's Night (2001)
    -The Eminem Show (2002)
    -8 Mile (2002)
    -D12 World (2004)
    -Encore (2004)
    Curtain Call: The Hits (2005)
    The Re-Up (2006)
    Relapse and Relapse: Refill (2009)
    Recovery (2010)

    to be continued....

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    This is good stuff. Keep 'em comin'.

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    pretty good overview, however, 'puke' is one of the funniest songs ive ever heard? who else could come out with the opening lines:

    "you dont know how sick you make me, you make me f**kin' sick to my stomach,everytime i think of you...i puke!'
    its priceless man!!, aimed at his then ex-wife Kim

    cant wait to read your overview of 'recovery'

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