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Thread: Best place to find out about live music?

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    Default Best place to find out about live music?

    Hi all
    I'm currently learning guitar and was wondering what you guys would suggest for finding live music around me, besides by chance!

    I sometimes stumble across things which is great, but I'd love to know what happens round me. How do you guys do it?


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    Well it depends. Do you live in or near a city? Many cities have free weekly newspapers that have concert listings. Some also have websites. Most venues have websites with their show schedules. If you're a member it has an "events" page. Although that's not the main reason to join and is just a bonus. Those are the three main ways I find out about concerts.

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    there's a widget on mac that's pretty good...forgot what its called

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    The metro paper that you get free on public transport is great for gig listings. Searching on the net too. is ace.

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