LAUREN PRITCHARD "Wasted In Jackson"

theres not much info around on this songstress, probably due to her tender age of 22.
she was born in Jackson,Tennessee in 1987,moved to LALA Land in her teens where she lived with Lisa-Marie Presley for a while, starred in an off-broadway play, it didnt come to anything so she relocated to London,England a couple of years ago...finally picking up a recording deal, her debut single 'painkillers' was released in the UK in august of this year,the album was released a couple of weeks ago,but is dur to to be released Stateside till February 2011.
Lauren has a beautiful dusky voice and appears well developed for her age, i'd say its somewhere between Carole King and joss Stone with a splash of Aretha.
ive only listened to the album once,lyrically its very autobiographical and well written by the 22yo songstress,shes also a beautiful pianist.
the songs range in style from a bluesy shuffle(the last track), through soul and pop.
im not going to rate individual songs on this album after just one listen, but overall it is a decent album...very good for a debut set by a 22yo.
do yourself a favour and listen/watch the tracks ive found links to, let us all know what you think of them.


2....not the drinking
3....wasted in jackson
4....i hope its you
5....painkillers way
7....hanging up
8....bad time to fall
9....going home
10..try a little harder
11..when the night kills the day

as a bonus track to watch check out Paul Weller & Lauren Pritchard dueting the classic "how sweet it is"