surprise! sounds like Creed to me.

Grade - 1.7

released Nov 9th, 2010

from the album - Fallout - grade 2.0

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Alter Bridge resurrected the music-making portion of Creed. After that band's 2004 dissolution, guitarist Mark Tremonti and drummer Scott Phillips tapped ousted bassist Brian Marshall for the new project. Ex-Mayfield Four frontman Myles Kennedy was soon on board as well, and Alter Bridge made their Wind-Up debut in August 2004 with One Day Remains. Written largely by Tremonti, the record tried to lean more toward a hard rock/metal sound than the post-grunge grandstanding of his previous group. After touring the world to support the album, the band decided to leave Wind-Up and sign with the Universal imprint Republic. In late 2007 the label released Blackbird, an album that featured more songwriting contributions from Kennedy. Their third album, AB III, was released in 2010.

Album Review

On their first record for metal giant Roadrunner Records, Alter Bridge continue to walk the line between plaintive post-grunge and biting hard rock, effortlessly drifting back and forth between the two to make AB III their moodiest record yet. Album-opener “Slip to the Void” captures this idea perfectly, opening quietly with acoustic guitar and brooding vocals before ripping into a snarling, hard-edged riff that lays the groundwork for some fantastic solo work from Mark Tremonti. On “Ghost of Days Gone By,” Alter Bridge once again make this contrast work to great effect, using a heavy breakdown to lead into the chorus to give the song a “darkest before the dawn” feeling as the punishing guitar work opens the way for Myles Kennedy’s soaring vocals to take the song in a more uplifting direction. Given the power behind these songs, it’s clear that Tremonti and the other Creed veterans have really come into their own in the absence of Scott Stapp, pushing their sound into heavier territories and getting the chance to shine as musicians and songwriters rather than just being a rhythm section. Alter Bridge fans, and really fans of hard rock in general, are going to have no trouble finding a lot to like about AB III.

Track Listing

1 Slip to the Void Alter Bridge 4:52
2 Isolation Alter Bridge 4:13
3 Ghost of Days Gone By Alter Bridge 4:25
4 All Hope Is Gone Alter Bridge 4:48
5 Still Remains Alter Bridge 4:44
6 Make It Right Alter Bridge 4:15
7 Wonderful Life Alter Bridge 5:19
8 I Know It Hurts Alter Bridge 3:55
9 Show Me a Sign Alter Bridge 5:56
10 Fallout Alter Bridge 4:21
11 Breathe Again Alter Bridge 4:21
12 Coeur d'Alene Alter Bridge 4:30
13 Life Must Go On Alter Bridge 4:32
14 Words Darker Than Their Wings Alter Bridge 5:23
15 Zero Alter Bridge 4:39
16 Home Alter Bridge 3:29