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    Default Im new

    Hello guys Im new to this site, so I'll introduce myself, basically I'm a dj and a music producer I make my own songs. I use the software fl studio to make my music while I use my mixer connected to virtual dj to mix. I am currently sixteen and I come from Canada also I produce dance/techno music. If you guys have any tips for me on music or djing, I'll be happy if you helped me out with it. Thanks in advance.

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    hey Johnny, welcome to the carnival
    have fun,stick around and give us your opinions on music.
    i think Jerome does his own music etc..he may be able to help you...depending what mood he's in of course?? and that depends upon whether you diss pink floyd too much as to how much help you get!...only joking Jerome,you know we all love you really xx

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    Don't worry about Crazy-Horse, Johnnystorm - he's just jealous. Welcome to the madhouse! Post some of your music so we can hear it once you are eligible to do so.

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    Default Welcome To MD

    Welcome to MD................Stay long and post often !
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Johnny & welcome to MD.

    Hope you enjoy the site.

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    welcome Johnny, b good
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