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Thread: The Long Overdue Reissue Of Midnight Blue By Magna Carta

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    Default The Long Overdue Reissue Of Midnight Blue By Magna Carta

    It is great to see a hard to obtain classic come back onto the market. To obtain the old CD would cost you well over 100 GBP at Amazon....but it has now been superseded by an excellent reissue by Angel Air.....................With this reissue the original album has been remastered, restructure , new and very extensive sleeve notes added and a whole bonus CD of live material added and all for less than 9GBP

    In their time, Magna have produced some classic albums that, for one reason or another have quickly become hard to obtain. It is clearly a red letter day, when another one becomes available . Angel Air have done an excellent job in the packaging and Chris Simpson has worked hard to direct the project, remix the tracks, add an excellent second CD of live music and restructure the main album. The music, as always, with Magna Carta is a joy to listen to. We are treated to a display of excellent song writing and superb musicianship. Chris himself is on fine form and leads the band through a varied repertoire of his songs ( There is one track not by him but by Doug Morter)........We see a side of Magna that is not seen in the other albums , Having survived the early days of progressive folk Magna have shown that they are a band with staying power they have adapted to the times but, show now signs of selling out. The feel of the Yorkshire Dales and Chris's solid passions for life are still there if, somewhat altered in presentation by the style of production and approach used at this time. It is great to hear Chris playing his guitar in the excellent company of many good musicians here.........Paul Burgess , George Norris, Doug Morter, Lee Abbot and Vic Emerson. The track listing includes some real classics including "Highway To Spain", "Danny " and the excellent "Midnight Blue" The romantic and soulful "Wind On the Water " Catch Kate Robbins on "Wind On the Water' too ................... You can forward to nearly two and a half hours of shear pleasure in the hands of master musicians , a talented song writer and a caring band leader who took the time and effort to ensure that this is as fine a package as you will find anywhere in sound quality, background information and presentation!
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    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    I don't think they'll really suit my tastes, but your obvious love for the band has convinced me that maybe I need to buy a CD and listen to it properly, rather than trying to stream their music on the laptop.

    This album has been added to my Buy List, & BTW I've just seen your customer review on Amazon !!

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