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Thread: Best rock shows you ever saw

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    Default Best rock shows you ever saw

    I was a child of the 80s, teenager of the 90's...and well you know the rest. So for me, my best experiences live were Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Breaking Benjamin, Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz, Def Leppard.

    Worst: Motely Crue. This particular and only show of theirs I saw in the early 2000's, so that I explains why I didn't think it was all that good. "Home Sweet Home" with all the lighters waving around was the part that saved face, far as I was concerned. Otherwise I left calling them "Motely Blew"...even though yes, one of the best rock n roll bands in the world..until the 21st century anyhow.

    Saliva - OMG! It's amazing what recording studios can do. Because live, the vocalist slurred lyrics like he was drunk. It was rough on my ears.

    Has anyone seen Nirvana or Alice n Chains live before overdoses and suicides?

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    i agree Saliva live equals no good!!! not trashing the band but wow!! Studio help at its best!! didnt like at all!!

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    Nirvana at reading festival
    awesome show!

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