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Thread: Hi....I would like to know.....

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    Default Hi....I would like to know.....

    Hi to all musical fans...

    I am from Malaysia...and this is the first time i join music forum. All the while i am in photography and computer..

    Well...I know the T&C cant paste link...and I really wish to know the name of the song from a facebook clip....

    anyone know can i put the link on it? Thanks million in advance

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    hi,welcome to 'your' forum,
    what music turns you on and off?

    just post 9 more posts and you can put in problem

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    Hi crazy horse...
    Thanks for reply. You're from Perth? My sister currently in perth as well extending her PR status.
    I use to study in Melbourne and Hobart (TAS), most of my mates like hard rock.....
    I prefer more vocal jazz and wild wild west country alike song...
    rare to find the album.

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