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    Default Cassis Elvis songs

    "cassis" is another way of saying "classic",and im sticking to that story!
    i thought i might start posting some 'classic' Elvis videos from youtube in this thread, feel free to comment on what i post...also to any younger members of the forum you can learn where it all started and see just why Elvis is "the king" of rock 'n' roll

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    "mean woman blues", not the original version from 1958, but a re-recorded one from the early 1960s.
    take note of the 'sideways moonwalk' at 0:58 seconds,whatever MJ does...Elvis did it first

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    "HOUND DOG" 1956, cant believe after this that he had to be shown from the waist up for his gyrations and sexual innuendos???, maybe we should send some of todays music videos back to 1956!

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    "DIXIELAND ROCK" 1958 from the classic movie 'King Creole'

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    1972 live version of "BURNING LOVE",this shows that even in the '70s that Elvis could still rock it up

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