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Thread: Ready for some fun

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    Default Ready for some fun

    HUGE music lover, just ready to have some discussion and meet cool people. My music taste is extremely diverse but my knowledge probably lies the most in rock n roll :) I look forward to reading what's on everyone's mind...

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    welcome to MD, cant wait to read your thoughts on 'rock n roll'

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    I'm cool..
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
    Will Rogers

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    Ooh, a mind-reading member...

    Hello Rockwoman, and welcome to MD. Which musical artists float your boat ??

    Hope you enjoy the site.

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    Thanks everyone! Tiggi I like and appreciate so many musicians. My favorite from the old school would be Led Z. But I'm also a big fan of the 80's lately I've been really liking Anberlin (did I spell that right?) But I've lived through all the eras from Van Halen to G n R, Stone Temple Pilots (at the top of my list) to Breaking Benjamin (also at the top). But my I Pod is a giant mixture of rock, dance, r & b, blues, 80s, 70s, and alternative (whatever we consider that to be these

    INXS is one of my all time favorites as well.

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    i saw INXS several times here in Oz before they made it big worldwide with 'the swing' and 'kick' albums,they were either brilliant or shocking. the only other acts ive seen that can be great or lousy are Oasis and Bob Dylan.....on good nights theyre worth more than the asking price of the ticket,on bad nights,well.......i'd have to delete my comment if i proceed!

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    That is way cool Crazyhorse :) I only got to see INXS after they hired JD Fortune as their singer. It was an awsome show and I was a big JD fan...but of course, no sub for Michael H.

    I can only imagine Oasis on a bad night...frontman already has a whiny voice at is, must be ear-wretching if he's got a cold or something...LOL.

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    Michael rarely choked on stage LOL

    as for Oasis...cold had nothing to do with it...alcohol and drugs did though

    INXS still played clubs and pubs when i first saw them, their first big break came when they opened for rod stewart on his Aussie tour in 1981 from memory, when he did his 'young turks' tour. INXS used to do Doors/Stones covers back then....they were good at both. i knew someone who worked in an upmarket boutique back in the early/mid 80s and MH used to shop there when he came to perth, they had to deodorise the shop when he left because he smelled the place out in more than one way....he was a dirty little git. how KM ended up with him i dont know,she was a lovely,pleasant,polite girl who always wore nice opposite, but they say opposites attract, dont they?

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    Lol, yes smelly rock stars don't seem to have trouble getting the babes...:) Good story!!

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    just notice this place is not much active member...huh~

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