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    Aussie musician James Freud, died today aged 51, he took his own life after years of drug and alcohol abuse, he released his first single in 1977, and was inducted into the Australian Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame just this last week.
    he supported David Bowie on his 1983 'serious moonlight' tour

    if youre interested, here are 4 of his biggest hits:

    Out Of Mind,Out Of Sight

    I Hear Motion


    Modern Girl

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    The induction must have been the last straw.
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    personally i dont think he did that much for Oz music to warrant an induction but thats my opinion,for what its worth??
    he was good 'live' as support act on Bowie's 'serious moonlight' tour here in '83

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    Crazy-Horse's 1st 3 links are desaparecidos--Here's some replacements: << sure not the song I was expecting but effective in its own way and << short bio/discog attached
    Another one who's demons got the better of him.

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