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    Default Johnny Flynn - Been Listening

    nice use of horns in otherwise folky music

    Grade - 1.9

    released Oct 26th, 2010

    from the album - Kentucky Pill - grade 2.5

    from allmusic


    An actor, poet, and Americana-styled songwriter, Johnny Flynn was initially a member of British folk group the Sussex Wit before moving up to become the group's frontman. As would befit someone with such a varied artistic background, Flynn cited both W.B. Yeats and Shakespeare as influences, as well as musicians such as John Fahey, Vaughan Williams, and Langhorne Slim. Flynn's debut album, A Larum (recorded with the Sussex Wit but credited with his name), was released in 2008 on Vertigo Records in Europe. Lost Highway issued the album in America, where it was deemed one of the year's best releases by Paste Magazine and helped ramp up support for a second album, Been Listening, which appeared two years later.

    Album Review

    Johnny Flynn spends half his time working as a Shakespearean actor, and the other half recording folksy, old-world music that takes its cues from the Elizabethan era. Been Listening, the follow-up to his 2008 debut, also throws some modern influences into the mix, resulting in a combo of traditional British folk and quirky, contemporary roots music. For a genre that relies so heavily on stringed instruments -- namely fiddle, banjo, and acoustic guitar -- there’s certainly a lot of brass here, with Flynn picking up his trumpet during at least half of the songs. There’s also a healthy debt to the crossover-folk movement that swept through England during the first half of 2010, which puts Flynn in the same league as nu-folksters like Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling (who sings harmony on “The Water”), and Noah and the Whale. Been Listening is somewhat softer than those artists; rather than build up to a soaring climax, most of these songs chart a steady course instead, with melody and mood being emphasized over spectacle. Johnny Flynn knows when to give his listeners a break, though, and the one-two punch of “Howl” and “Agnes” helps rustle up some sweaty energy, which keeps the album moving in its second half.

    Track Listening

    1 Kentucky Pill Flynn 3:52
    2 Lost and Found Flynn 3:41
    3 Churlish May Flynn 4:02
    4 Been Listening Flynn 5:16
    5 Barnacled Warship Flynn 5:12
    6 Sweet William, Pt. 2 Flynn 5:00
    7 The Water Flynn 4:12
    8 Howl Flynn 4:44
    9 Agnes Flynn 3:40
    10 Amazon Love Flynn 5:39
    11 The Prizefighter and the Heiress Flynn 5:06
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    just heard 5 tracks from this one,its not bad, think 'barnacled warship' is the best so far

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