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Lost Gold Record’s sister label, DMusic Records, is proud to present its latest release, Eddie South: Classic Roots Jazz Violin. The Classic Roots series showcases seminal talent that hybridized emerging and traditional genres of the 20th century. Eddie South was a classically trained violinist. He made a name for himself, however, as a crossover success in the jazz scene. He infused his jazz performances with classical, gypsy jazz, and country influences. He is remembered as a technically gifted innovator of jazz violin. The evidence of this title is amply supplied in this next installment of the DMusic’s ongoing series of important retrospectives.

South, raised in Louisiana, Missouri, relocated to attend Chicago Music School. After graduating he played in several Chicagoland jazz outfits. Although observers of his prodigious talent would have expected him to achieve notoriety as a classical violinist, universal racism denied black musicians such options. In the more adaptable and accepting jazz world, Eddie South flourished.

He toured Europe twice, where Django Reinhardt invited him to several recording sessions. He also recorded with Stephane Grappeli. In America he maintained a lucrative gigging career, performing across the country with his famous Alabamian Quintet. His gigs were primarily in New York, Los Angeles, and especially Chicago. He also recorded several radio sessions.

Though he was never without work, he never achieved much commercial success and his career remains in relative obscurity. Therefore, snooty jazz enthusiasts, this artist is essential to add to your collection!

This compilation hosts fifteen tracks spanning Eddie South’s most successful years as a jazz musician. (1927-1941) The album features collaborations with other artists including Django and singer-actress Ginny Sims, Los Angeles radio station sessions with his Quintet, and an expressive performance of Austrian composer Fritz Keisler’s “Praeludium and Allegro.”

Eddie South: Classic Roots Jazz Violin is available for digital download on Amazon, iTunes and other online music providers.

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